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Our ramen making equipment has noodle production capacity starting from small-footprint ramen machines for 100 portions of ramen / wok noodles per hour (mainly for stand-alone ramen specialty shops) to high-production volume noodle-making assemblies for 300 batches of ramen noodles and higher (for commissary / centralized kitchens, noodle wholesale suppliers, noodle restaurant chains, ramen noodle factories).

Patented commercial purpose ramen makers for restaurants and production facilities are designed by the best Japanese engineers, assembled ONLY in Japan by the most skillful technicians, and ONLY from Japanese parts. Quality double-check. Pre-shipment performance testing. Warranty. 365/24 technical support after purchase. On demand spare parts supply. World-wide delivery and maintenance. Optional customization.

Business-purpose Ramen machines are UL/NSF/CE certified making them kitchen-legal for North American and European markets. Free training and noodle making recipes for all types of ramen and wok noodles. Flour selection and dough hydration / aging time advice.

Failure proof safety features to protect you and your employees from getting injured while making ramen / wok noodles for your customers. Easy operation, cleaning and maintenance. User manuals in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and other languages.

Outstanding noodle quality level impossible for pasta machines (especially for low water ratio ramen noodles like those used for Hakata-style ramen). Ability to produce Udon noodles, buckwheat Soba noodles, Gluten-free noodles, Hong Kong egg wok noodles, Tapioca noodles, Gyoza / wonton skins etc. Easy adjustment of noodle length, width and shape.

Intensive professional Ramen Noodle School taught by the best Japanese masters.

Make yourself a ramen chef AND a ramen business entrepreneur in just six days of full-immersion ramen course featuring everything from theoretical grounding on flour, lye water and other ramen ingredients, to ramen noodle making, and ramen shop management.


Practice noodle-making techniques on professional ramen-production equipment, and learn what type of ramen noodles works best with which type of ramen soup.

Using digital cooking approach our Ramen school teaches both ramen cuisine recipes AND methods behind them - empowering you to tailor your expertise to your customers' tastes, needs and preferences.


Plus, once our student - ALWAYS our graduate - with a continuous access to a vast database of ramen recipes, plating designs, and a support help-desk run by the best food science and noodle making professionals in Japan always ready to assist you.

Learn how to make any type of artisan-quality ramen noodles as well as various types of ramen soup stock, base sauce and flavored oils FROM SCRATCH! 


Get to know the world of authentic Hakata tonkotsu, Tori paitan / chintan, Shio ramen, Shoyu ramen, Miso ramen, regional varieties like Sapporo ramen, Fish stock ramen, Vegetable ramen, Vegetarian and Vegan ramen, Halal ramen, Gluten-free ramen, and much more!

Master MSG-free ramen cooking techniques to bring your customers the value they will be ready to reward your ramen business for.


Learn about the finest intricacies of kansui, motodare, char siu, how to choose the right kind of kelp and dried bonito flakes, how long ramen noodles should be aged for before serving. Master traditional and modern ramen plating techniques and preparation of side dishes (gyoza, wonton, karaage). 

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- a food business investor


- a fledgling food service start-up entrepreneur,


- or an established chef searching for new culinary or business opportunities 




we are here to make your aspirations come true.

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open your own ramen restaurant or a ramen noodle factory


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Acquire menu development skills to experiement with new ingredients, create novel ramen recipes, and adapt your business to changing market conditions. All types of Ramen, Lo Mein, Chow Mein and Wok noodles available including tsukemen and mazemen.



Commercial ramen-making machines for Ramen restaurants and Ramen noodle factories

We offer:

Broad range of accessories and peripheral equipment for noodle making: automatic flour dusters, dough sheeters, noodle conveyors, dough sheet slitter cutters, ramen dough mixers, ramen noodle boilers / cookers, ramen soup strainers, dough aging machines, gyoza dumpling drums and cutters, wavy noodle attachments, etc. Free training and support.

Gain useful knowledge on how a ramen / wok noodle restaurant operates through mock up practice sessions. Study business benefits of home-made ramen noodles. Get a floor plan for your ramen shop (restaurant layout development and advice).

Starting a ramen business has never been easier

With Yamato -

Production of craft ramen noodles:

equipment, recipes, support

artisan ramen noodles with A great variety of shapes, colors and portion sizes

craft ramen noodles

Become your own ramen noodle supplier or make ramen noodles for sale

A single unit of commercial ramen machine will allow you to produce a great variety of fresh craft homemade ramen noodles

commercial equipment for craft ramen noodles
ramen machine for craft ramen noodles